There are men working at the bottom of my garden.  Repairing a fence, building a new shed where the old worn out one used to sit.  The bottom of the garden used to be a wilderness; overgrown, unsightly but incredibly private and peaceful.  But there are, as is inevitable in life, changes afoot.  The old Victorian house whose garden adjoins ours has been sold and the developers are moving in, so it’s time to reclaim the boundary from the Mile a Minute and Hazel trees, make the shed secure and repair the broken down fence.

I’ve a mind that this is a sad event – the peaceful, wild oasis that used to reside at the bottom of the garden will be tidied, spruced up and secured.  The foxes that live in the garden of the old Victorian house will no doubt relocate, although I’m sure I’ll still hear cubs in the spring play fighting in the garden again before long.  The robin with the white wing tip that keeps me company when I hang out the laundry at the bottom of the garden will no doubt weather the storm – he’s there right now as the builders dig, ferreting out insects happily and delighting in his robin-ness.

Before long there will be houses just over the fence where once there was an orchard, there will be children playing where the foxes used to play and there will be the noise and bustle of day to day life where there used to be peace.  But maybe we’ll make friends with the people who will live in the new houses, certainly people will have new homes, and the builders will have jobs whilst the houses are built and maybe, it’s simply time for things to move on.  And I expect the robin will still delight in his robin-ness, wherever he finds himself.



On screen names and anonymity

I’ve blogged for years.  Not very consistently I’ll admit, or at least not in ‘public’.  And in truth, I don’t consider anonymous posting, public in any real sense but there’s a lot to be said for expressing oneself whilst concealed from one’s ‘real life’ and real family and friends.  Within a short space of time though, the screen name and new persona you have built for yourself becomes as much a part of you, the real you, as your real self – if you follow my drift!  And with that persona comes all the trappings of a normal human life – good relationships, failed relationships, the misunderstandings as well as highs of human interaction.  Just like emigrating and starting over somewhere else, life follows you relentlessly – the lawn needs cutting wherever you choose to live, as they say.

Anyway, a friend reminded me today that ten years have passed since she and I first chatted via a message board, then progressed to instant messaging, and then took the big step and met in real life.  Which means it’s a whopping ten years since I became Sweet Thing and Sweet Thing met someone off of the Internet!  Back then being anonymous was what it was all about, in the days before Facebook when the Internet was the big scary bad and no-one knew if someone could come and attack you in your home if you gave out your real name.  Sweet was brave enough to do things I wasn’t.  Sweet would post on message boards.  Sweet wrote fanfic and posted it and got feedback and became a little addicted to checking her email box for messages and comments. And Sweet made new friends and had a blast and some of those new friends, were destined to become old friends (see above).

Sweet found her own place in the world, and some days, I think she left me far behind!

So WordPress invites me to be Sweet again… and that’s interesting.  Because she was always a lot more mouthy that I am!