Back up your files – it’s not just something people say…

So, I’ve suffered another loss.  Given my scale of loss these past twenty months, it’s not really that big a deal.  Were I not up to my eyes in a maelstrom of emotion, I would be angry at the hard drive failure that stole my video project from a while back and my stupidity at not backing up, checking up, making sure.  I tried very hard to be philosophical about it on Saturday – to accept that all is transient; that I have the memory of what I achieved, that I can recall the pleasure and joy I had at seeing a creative project come together, reach an audience and take me further along the road of learning.  Now, reflecting on the sad state of affairs that is my ex hard drive, I am just sad.  Again.  I’m tired of being sad…

I know I should have made sure it was backed up.  I know I should have transferred it from the laptop to my desktop.  I knew how important it was to me, and yet… and yet.   And because I know all of these things, I wonder why I didn’t do them?  Creativity is a crazy beast – it’s as exciting as anything else I know but the excitement of creativity is so hard to recapture.  That piece was such a joy to do, such a surprise to achieve, such a precious thing. Maybe, because of that, I was always destined to have to let go of this piece of work.  Maybe it’s an abject lesson in letting go of all that must leave us eventually.

Or maybe when all is said and done, it was just a hard drive failure and not a philosophical moment.

Back up your files folks – it’s not just something people say…

Love and peace



3 thoughts on “Back up your files – it’s not just something people say…

  1. That’s okay honey, it really wasn’t your fault 😉

    There’s a chance that ‘tech support’ will work his magic, or maybe it’ll have to go out of house (!) to see if we can recover anything.


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