RIP to a very lovely lady…

One of our choir members died last night.  She was a lovely lady.  Funny, charming, caring and thoughtful.  A good voice, a great heart and a penchant for a good old natter in the pub after rehearsals.  We shall miss her terribly.  Her husband too is a member, and the whole choir feels for him, mourns with him and I know, will love and support him through difficult times.

It’s hard to explain the bonds that are forged through singing and performing together.  As a group we learn together, laugh together, experience the terror of live performance together, support and nurture each other.  Above all we sing, and singing is a glue that binds people like no other.  Last year, when a close family member died, talking was the last thing I wanted to do.  But singing got me through – I couldn’t talk, so I sang as often and as loudly as I could.  I sang with my choir pals, and whenever there was a gap, when I literally couldn’t make a sound, someone else filled that space for me.  Because that’s what we do.  We sing together.

So we shall fill the gap left by our lovely Mo and sing our hearts out whenever we get the chance, and if we raise a few bob in the process for the Hospice that took care of her, so much the better.  Rest in Peace, lovely lady.



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